SME Program

The NOW Program's mission is to stimulate entrepreneurship by providing access to financial assistance for Northern Ontario women. Through our grant program, our goal is to assist women entrepreneurs start and/or scale up their businesses by offering support for professional services, mentoring relationships, and educational opportunities tailored to their business needs and priorities. It is important to note that professional services, mentorships and education courses already in progress are not eligible for NOW funding. 

Significant Changes from Original NOW (SME) Program

1) Successful applicants will be responsible for paying 10% of their project costs, thus the support provided by the NOW Program to the successful applicant will be 90% of the approved project cost.

2) Payments will be made directly from LAMBAC to the successful applicants upon completion of the project and once approved reimbursement form and copies of relevant paid invoices have been submitted.

3) Previous NOW recipients will be required to submit historical data pertaining to the effects previous funding has/had on their business. Link to survey provided in Eligibility Requirements section.

4) Only digital projects (ie. website creation, online store/e-shop, etc.) that are ineligible for other government programs such as CDAP and Digital Main Street will be considered eligible for NOW funding.

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