The NOW Program is pleased to have once again partnered with HRdownloads to assist Northern Ontario women entrepreneurs with their HR needs.

The NOW Program is offering a choice of two HR packages (see below) which clients can apply for. Those whose applications are successful, will then be onboarded with HRdownloads from the time their application is approved, up until May 1, 2026. With HRdownloads, you can find the tools you need to complete your HR tasks and get back to doing what you love.


For more information please see (english/french) flyers or click on

Package 1) HRdrive and HR Fundamentals 

Package 2) HRdrive and HR Fundamentals and Online Employee Training 


If you would like more information about how HRdownloads can assist your business, please reach out to Jason Lai via email at or via telephone at 1.877.438.9763 ext. 2, to have all your HRdownloads questions answered.


Any questions in regards to the application should be directed to Susan Whynott at


Please note that there are a limited number of eligible subscriptions and this offering will last only as long as there are subscriptions available. 

HR Downloads

HRdownloads Online Application Form



Enter the required information in the space provided. 




LAMBAC is legally LaCloche Manitoulin Business Assistance Corporation.


Women Led Business is defined as an enterprise led by a woman (or women) with  long-term control and management of the business, equity stake and an active role in both strategic and day to day decision making.


Women Owned Business is defined as one that is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled daily by one or more women.


** Applicants must have an Ontario business number to be considered eligible. 

** If your business is not currently registered, please visit to register. 

Legal Name of Applicant: *
Registered Business Name: *
Ontario Business Number: *
Mailing Address: *
Email Address: *
Telephone Number: *
Provide a brief description of your current business operations, including description of products/services, location of your operation & future aspirations. *

Please indicate which of the following strategy(strategies) your business aligns with:

(the link to the Federal Government Strategy tables page is provided for reference in selecting the best option(s).

Diverse women entrepreneurs (includes but is not limited to women with disabilities, Indigenous women, women in rural or remote regions, recent immigrants, visible minority women, women from Official Language Minority Communities
Businesses with products and/or services related to one of the Economic Strategy Table sectors (advanced manufacturing, agri-food, clean technology, digital industries, tourism, health/bio-sciences and resources of the future).
Businesses seeking to pursue market opportunities abroad
Is your business a brand-new (less than 6 months in operation) business? *
If you circled ‘No’ above, state specifically (in years/months) how long your business has been up and running:
Voluntary Self-Identification
Persons with Disabilities
Indigenous Peoples
Immigrant/Visible Minority
Member of Francophone Community
Youth under 30 yrs of age
HRDownloads Subscription*
Package #1 (HRdrive + HR Fundamentals)
Package #2 (HRdrive + HR Fundamentals + Online Employee Training
Please explain how this subscription will benefit you and your business: *

Please complete the following (if your business has been in operation for less than 6 months, complete the projections only section. Be sure to include yourself.

Current Annual Sales Revenue
Current Full Time Employees
Current Part Time Employees
Current Casual Employees
Projected Annual Sales Revenue 2026
Projected Full Time Employees
Projected Part Time Employees
Projected Casual Employees
Please indicate how you first heard about the NOW Program (your local CFDC, PARO, Facebook, Other): *

I hereby certify that all of the information included in this application is accurate and that I have authority to sign on behalf of the applicant. I recognize that completing and submitting this application does not constitute an approval of project funds. Applications will either be approved, denied, or held for the following intake. Applicants will be informed after each intake as to the status of their application.

Signature *
Date *
Print Name *

Collection, Use & Disclosure of Personal and Business Information


  1. The Applicant acknowledges that, as the operation of LAMBAC is financially supported by the Government of Canada, representatives of Industry Canada are permitted access to the files of the LAMBAC for monitoring and evaluation purposes and that the Applicant may be contacted by representatives of Industry Canada and that, such information as is acquired by the Ministry will be treated as confidential. 

  2. The Applicant acknowledges receipt of the LAMBAC Privacy Statement and hereby consents to his or her personal and business information being collected, used, retained, and disclosed by the LAMBAC for the limited purposes as set out above. The Applicant further understands that under Federal privacy law, he or she has access to the information held by the LAMBAC and knows to refer to the LAMBAC’s Privacy Policy or contact the Chief Privacy Officer if a question or concern arises about the handling of the Applicant’s personal information.
  1. The Applicant further understands and consents to the LAMBAC publicizing the Applicant’s business venture if the Applicant is successful in obtaining financing from LAMBAC, which may or may not include personal information such as the name of the Applicant. 

Terms & Conditions


The applicant’s signature acknowledges that LAMBAC will not be responsible for any contractor/supplier charges in excess of the approved funding amount nor will any payment be made to the applicant in advance of applicant’s payment of the required contribution or the applicant’s signature confirming equipment purchase.

The applicant further acknowledges that the LAMBAC accepts no responsibility for the contractor/supplier services provided under this agreement.  The sole responsibility of the LAMBAC is to issue approved payment, upon satisfactory completion of the work, to the client’s contractor.

The applicant further acknowledges that LAMBAC has a two-year obligation to track the applicant’s business efforts and results which shall require mandatory reporting (upon request) by the applicant of annual revenues and job creation and other related information as required.

The applicant agrees to comply with all federal, provincial, territorial, municipal and other applicable laws governing the applicant or the applicant’s activity, or both, including, but not limited to, statutes, regulations, by-laws, rules, ordinances and decrees.  This includes legal requirements and regulations relating to environmental protection.

The applicant agrees to acknowledge, if requested thereof, the federal government’s role in the funding provided through this agreement and consent to a public announcement of the eligible activities by or on behalf of the Minister in the form of a news release.  The Minister will inform the applicant of the date of any public announcement.  The applicant consents to the participation of the Minister, or the Minister’s representatives, at such an announcement event, and to have such an event take place on a day mutually agreed upon by the applicant and the Minister or the Minister’s representative.  The applicant will agree to display promotional material provided by the Minister at such an event.  NOTE:  Release of confidential or competitively sensitive information will not be required as this is protected under the Access to Information Act.

I have read and understand and agree to the above conditions and I have authority to sign on behalf of the applicant.

Signature *

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